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Sugaring is an ancient Arabic form of hair removal, where a paste, made of sugar, lemon juice and water, is applied to the skin and flicked off. This effectively removes the hair from the root.

Sugaring began hundreds of years ago in the Arabic countries. Women and men at that time did not have the soaps and deodorants we have today, but they found that by removing their pubic, underarm and body hair they could stay fresher and cleaner; so they developed sugar paste. Hair Forum Ltd in Shrewsbury is very experienced in providing this treatment in the comfort of our friendly salon, welcoming both men and women. Why not give us a call to book a session, you'll be amazed at the results!


You can view our full menu and price list below. We offer a great choice including:


Facial sugaring

Intimate sugaring

Upper body sugaring


Upper Male body sugaring

Lower male body sugaring

Whole body male sugaring

Intimate male sugaring

What are the benefits of sugaring?

It's ideal for sensitive skin as it causes less irritation than waxing.

Does it remove very short hairs?

Yes, sugaring is perfect for this.

Is it easy to clean up afterwards?

Yes, it can be quickly washed off your skin.

Is there a risk of burning?

No, with this method there is no risk of your skin burning.

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